Hi! My name is Bhavita and I'm 16 years of age. I was born and brought up in Kisumu. One thing that always keeps me going is the idea that anyone has the ability to make a change! Therefore, I'm extremely passionate about putting a smile on anyone and everyone's faces. Music is my life! Teaching someone a song is what I love to do best. 

Bhavita volunteered on the Valley School Trip to Impala Park. She is very interested in teaching young children more about music and singing.

Rachna is a qualified optometrist who hopes to conduct free eye camps to impoverished and needy communities. She has worked with several Foundations and NGOs and hopes to make a change to the accessibility of basic health facilities and education to communities in Kenya in with the aim to create a more hopeful and bright future.

Rachna has volunteered her time on the Arts & Crafts Workshop and brings the best of her creative and compassionate side to implement ideas and solutions.


Hey, I'm Nishta! I just finished my IGCSEs at Jalaram Academy. I really enjoy spending time with young children as it reminds me of my own childhood and how we should all cherish it when we grown up. I love reading books and playing the piano.

Nishta volunteered on the Valley School Arts & Crafts Workshop. She loves to teach children new skills and donated a big set of books for the children at Valley.

Rahul is currently pursuing a degree in optometry at University. This computer wiz is also knowledgeable in politics, the economy and football. Rahul is amicable but his compassion and empathy toward people less fortunate sumounts the rest of his qualities. He is a firm believer in "even the smallest acts of good deeds is better than none at all." Rahul works along side his sister at charity events and volunteering programs.

Rahul has volunteered his time on the Arts & Crafts Workshop and loves spending time with the younger children, especially students of Baby Class.

They call me Swabir! I was born and brought up in Kisumu. I believe the only way we can spread the love is by encouraging team work and unity. I'm a huge Liverpool fan and I've loved football for as long as I can remember. It is my wish to be able to teach the children this sport and bring out their hidden talents.

Swabir volunteered on the Valley School Trip to Impala Park. He is very interested in working with children and looks forward to teaching the students more of his Football skills.

Hi, I'm Rhoda! I recently turned 16 and finished my High School at Jalaram Academy. I really enjoy helping others and being part of a moment that encourages change in our Country and that's exactly what RKF is about. I highly enjoy art and travelling.

Rhoda volunteered on the Valley School Trip to Impala Park and plays a crucial role in helping RKF build libraries. She is extremely active, full of new ideas and has the loves to engage the young students she works with.