On Thursday, 25th May 2017, RKF partnered with AAR Healthcare to implement Phase 2 of the Soko Project. The focus of this phase was Health & Environment.

Deworming: AAR Healthcare conducted a deworming exercise for all the children at Soko free of charge. They have agreed to carry out this exercise every term. Worms usually cause poor absorption of nutrients and can lead to a loss of protein and iron (causing anemia). Addressing this issue makes an impact on the levels of absenteeism from schools and helps improve academic performance.

Tree Planting: AAR’s T4H (Tree for Health) Programme was started to combat environmental degradation and facilitate improved health status among school children and the community. Such a programme is implemented with the intention to sustain and improve environmental stewardship, increase knowledge on tree planting & management among the school, children, their parents and guardians and increase knowledge in addressing environmental issues.

The aim is to increase the afforestation effort to reach the national forest cover target of 10% of land as per the National Forest Policy in Kenya. According to an article in Business Daily Africa, this coverage in Kisumu County is one of the lowest in the country at 0.44%. (For full article, please click here)

For Soko, AAR provided 100 trees (shade and fruit) to plant in and around the school area. Each class of the school was designated with a tree that they are to look after collectively and each student from the Primary school was to look after one tree individually. Each student named their respective trees after their own names and has taken the responsibility to nurture their tree for the rest of their time at school. We look forward to watching these trees grow with the students in the coming years.

We would like to give a special shout out to AAR Healthcare, especially Timothy Anditi and Gertrude Nyanzi for helping us implement such a wonderful initiative at Soko.

Photos: Mansi Kotak

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Phase 2


Health Focus: Deworming and Tree Planting with AAR