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Phase 1


On Friday, 12th May 2017, RKF kicked off its second project, Valley Academy. The focus of Phase 1 for Valley Academy was Health. For this phase, we collaborated with Cohesu and AAR Healthcare to cover two main areas: proper shoes and deworming.

Cohesu provided all the children of Valley Academy with brand new TOMS shoes free of charge. These shoes have now become a part of their school uniform and for the first time, all the children of Valley will have proper footwear. This helps prevent jiggers and bilharzia, both of which are prevalent in Kisumu. The children will receive new shoes when they outgrow them or they have worn out. Thank you Sabwa Karanja and Dan Karanja.

AAR Healthcare conducted a deworming exercise for all the children free of charge. They have agreed to carry out this exercise every term. Worms usually increase the malabsorption of nutrients and can lead to a loss of protein and iron (causing anemia). Thank you Timothy Anditi.

Photo Credits: Sajan Chotai

Health Focus: Deworming (AAR) and New School Shoes (Cohesu)