Arts & Crafts Workshop

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On 3rd & 4th July 2017, RKF Volunteers carried out our first ever Arts & Crafts Workshop at Valley Academy. The theme of the workshop was to bring out the creative side of the students by getting them to use things that are easily accessible and generally considered a waste.

Each class did a hand-themed piece of work. Baby class gave wings to owls with their hand prints; Middle class gave leaves to a tree with their hand prints; Final class gave wings to beautiful birds with cut outs of their hands and the Primary students drew and painted their hands with some motivational quotes to make some beautiful posters for their classroom.

For crafts, the Baby class used cupcake cases and plastic cups to make flower pots; Middle class used egg cartons to make boats with sails; Final class made paper snakes and Primary students made cars out of Toilet Paper Rolls.

We would like to give a huge shout out to Saaiqa Awan for donating her birthday by spending it teaching the children how to make these crafts and celebrating by sharing sweets and goodies with them.

Also, a huge shout out to Rachna Raichura for the massive effort she put in planning and prepping for this wonderful workshop!

Finally, and most importantly, all the team members and volunteers who made this workshop possible: Reeya Pabari, Janvi Pabari, Drasti Kakkad, Devshree Morparia, Rahul R Raichura, Nishta Patel, Mohit Kotak, Saaiqa Awan, Rachna Raichura.

Most of these amazing pictures were take by Sajan Chotai. A couple of others were taken by Devshree Morparia & Mansi Kotak.