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Impala Park Trip

On Saturday, 15th July 2017, RKF took the students of Valley Academy on their first day out to Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. The trip was an end-of-term day out where the students had a chance to see different animals in the park and learn about them, their lives, what they ate and about their unique behaviour. The trip ended with a dragon-fly catching session and a picnic where the students could sit down near the lake and enjoy their juice and snacks while watching Impalas.

Huge shout out to Reeya Pabari, Janvi Pabari and Devshree Morpariafor bringing sweets and snacks for the picnic. And a special shout out to Rachna Raichura for creating beautiful and memorable worksheets for the children to colour and write in as a reminder of the trip.

As always, this would not have been possible without the help of all the volunteers and team members who woke up super early on a Saturday morning to be there and look after all the children as we made our way through the park: Reeya Pabari, Janvi Pabari, Devshree Morparia, Rhoda Achieng, Bhavita Mandavia, Swabir Chaudhry, Benazir Kassam, Sajan Chotai, Mohit Kotak, Sohil Patel and Mansi Kotak.