With almost 100 children crammed in a single church hall in the slums of Nyalenda, Valley Academy posed several unique challenges. Lack of a feeding programme, no proper desks and chairs, not enough books to go around, a shortage of teachers, no separate classrooms for the children to name a few. However, we haven't met a more up-beat bunch of kids despite the circumstances... They shared whatever little food was there with their friends, used their creativity to make charts out of sacks of food (popularly known as 'gunia' locally) and made the best of a difficult situation. For more details on this project, please click here. To view images in Full Screen and read the captions, please click on an image.

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Before RKF took up Valley as a Project

Students of Valley Academy

This is a summarised collection of photos from the progress made at Valley. For Phase by Phase Progress, please click on Individual Tabs below.


After RKF took up Valley as a Project