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Our Partnership with Bewley Irish Imports

Since 1982, Bewley Irish Imports has proudly delivered quality Irish food and beverage products and giftware to customers across the United States and Canada. With a mix of internationally recognized Irish brands, Bewley Irish Imports brings the tastes of Ireland to America. Because we believe everyone should be able to savor the flavors of Ireland, many of the products we import are all-natural, gluten-free, fat-free, and/or suitable for vegetarians.

In 2020, Bewley Irish Imports through Mr. Ambarish Patel, partnered with the Rahul Kotak Foundation (RKF) to support the School Meals Program which supported 3 schools with 6,330 meals. Unfortunately, in March 2020, all schools in Kenya closed indefinitely due to the pandemic and the School Meals Program came to a halt. As RKF re-purposed its programs to continue supporting vulnerable communities during the pandemic, Bewley Irish Imports continued to support us in two thematic areas:

1. Food Relief to vulnerable families in marginalized communities throughout the pandemic 

2. Tree Planting and Creating Community Gardens to combat Climate Change and Food Insecurity 

3. Educating young students about their role in Climate Action

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So far, this partnership has impacted 2,064 beneficiaries living in marginalized communities in Kisumu County. More than 31,000 meals have been served through both the School Meals Program and the COVID Relief Program that continues to reach beneficiaries during the pandemic.


Through the Environment Project over 393 seedlings have been planted in RKF's Mini Botanical garden where students from various schools in Kisumu County come to learn about and become an active part of Climate Action. The seedlings that have been planted include a huge variety of:

1. Fruit trees like papaya, banana, orange, lemon, strawberries etc.

2. Vegetable seedlings like spinach, collard greens, carrots, beetroot, green peppers, apoth, terere, Swiss chard etc.

3. Flowers like petunias, African daisies, sweet peas, rose balsam etc.

4. And an extensive varieties of local plants and shrubs

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