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Making Learning Material Accessible

Our Work

All the work we do at RKF revolves around making good quality education accessible to children living in marginalized communities. The programs we offer are solutions to some of the main barriers that students in these communities face. These include but are not limited to:

1. Lack of access to meals at school

2. Lack of access to basic learning material like reading books, text books, exercise books and stationery

3. Little to no library infrastructure

4. Little to no access to sanitary pad kits and menstrual health education

5. Limited digital literacy

6. Little to no education on practical Climate Action

7. Limited resources for development of extra curricular activities


This model is a simple representation of what we do at RKF to make education accessible to children living in marginalized communities through the various programs we offer.

Our Model
Model version1.png


Our Programs

Our programs came into being to address the various barriers that children face in accessing education. Each program was a result of consultations with various community members and stakeholders of schools in an effort to co-create and co-design solutions that work for each community. 

Lack of meals and learning material is a challenge across the majority of schools in the communities we choose to work with. As a result of School Meals Program and our Literacy Program (Kitabu Changu Haki Yangu - My Book My Right) are our flagship programs and we spend a majority of our time and efforts in implementing these programs. To address the gender gap in marginalized communities, we empower teenage girls and their mothers to with Sanitary Kits and menstrual health education among other key subjects. In 2020, as a result of floods in Kisumu, we decided to incorporate tree planting and environmental education as a part of the various workshops we deliver to create Climate Action Champions in the region. Other than these key programs, our team also delivers a variety of extra-curricular workshops that include: Arts & Crafts, Reading and Storytelling, Oral Hygiene, Taekwondo and more...

Each one of our programs is implemented with the intention of creating long-term sustainability in the communities.

COVID Relief

COVID Relief Work

In March of 2020, RKF repurposed most of its programs to address the short-term needs of the communities they have been working with over the past six years. The need of the hour was to support students and their families to get through the challenges posed by strict lockdowns and loss of jobs as a result of the pandemic. 

RKF Respone to COVID-19.png

As of March 2022 when we wrapped up, these are the following results of our COVID Relief Efforts:

COVID Relief Update March 2022.jpg

Our Results

Our Results

As of December 2022, RKF has been able to achieve the following results across its various programs. For more details on the social impact and detailed results of each program, please click here: 

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