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We have had the great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations that make the work we do so much easier. AAR Healthcare and Cohesu have played a crucial role in helping us achieve our goals.

Shoes for all students (COHESU):

The TOMS project was introduced to combat the rapid rise of bilharzia and jiggers amongst children in Kisumu; Cohesu provides footwear to school children that would otherwise be bare feet and likely to catch these diseases. At both Valley Academy and Soko Primary School, the shoes have essentially become part of the students’ school uniform as Cohesu replaces the shoes once they wear out.

De-worming and Tree Planting (AAR Healthcare):

We were also fortunate enough to be one of the NGOs that partnered with the CSR team of AAR Healthcare. Their de-worming exercises reduce the prevalence of worm infestations which are a serious health issue in the slums and rural areas of Kisumu County. They also have a Tree 4 Health (T4H) project, their flagship Corporate Social Investment (CSI), which saw 100 new trees planted at Soko Primary School and taught the students an important lesson about conserving the environment.

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