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Millennials and Philanthropy


by Mansi Kotak

Published: 27th December 2016


A recent article in the Huffington Post stated that the top reason for millennials supporting a charity is considered passion. In a generation that is driven by this word, it is not unusual that what we believe important is not limited to personal growth; but also that of our immediate and larger communities. And with the internet (especially social media) making it ever so easy to become involved with charitable causes we believe in, philanthropy has become simpler and achievable than ever.

But what does that really involve? Other than giving a small chunk of their earnings to these causes, millennials are increasingly willing to lend their skills and invaluable time to be a part of social development. And this, perhaps, stems from the belief that we need to stop complaining about status quo and comparing ourselves to others and become active participants of the change we truly wish to see.

That begs the question: what is the best way to make this change? How can we make this change sustainable? Yes, let’s do something to feed the street children, but let’s go the extra mile and find a way to help rehabilitate them. Let’s start feeding programmes in schools in the rural areas, but let’s not make them dependent on us. Let’s give the school part-ownership of the project until they can self-sustain a feeding programme on their own.

It is no surprise therefore that many millennials are opting to give up on promising careers in the corporate world to become a part of start-ups that are not necessarily technologically driven. Social Entrepreneurship has become a popular option for millennials who felt unsatisfied with their jobs and want to become active catalysts of change.

The Rahul Kotak Foundation, is a Kisumu-based NGO that was started on these values. As a team, we are focused on helping alleviate short-term problems faced by disadvantaged children, but we are also keen on starting projects whose ownership will eventually be passed on to the direct beneficiaries of it.

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