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This model is a simple representation of what we do at RKF to achieve our aim of improving the quality of education children receive and helping them overcome the challenges they face in accessing that very education

Quality Education: We work closely with the teachers and students to understand how best we can help improve the current level of education so that all the students have the best chance at continuing with their education and performing better every year. Through our ECD Refurbishment Program, we improve the learning environment by ensuring that the students have desks, chairs and educational material.

In the future we aim to improve our existing model through teacher training and our program: Kitabu Changu, Haki Yangu which will introduce a variety of books.

Overcoming the Challenges: We run a Feeding Program that provides a daily meal to each student to help curb absenteeism and prevent the effects of malnutrition. Our WASH Program provides access to soap and running water to improve personal hygiene. Our collaborations with other organisations give us the opportunity to administer healthcare programs like dispensing sanitary pads, shoes and uniforms as well as deworming exercises

Our model also focuses on sustainability to safeguard the longevity of the projects we undertake. Through our current financial model, we use 100% of the donations we receive to implement programs while all administrative costs are covered by the team and Board Members of the Foundation. 


We have consciously separated our Programs from our Projects. While we will continue to own and run the programs, our eventual aim is to ensure that the schools we work with (Our Projects) become independent and can adopt and run the programs we have implemented independently.

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