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On 3rd & 4th July 2018, RKF conducted its first ever Reading and Storytelling Workshop as part of one of our key programs, Kitabu Changu, Haki Yangu. This workshop aimed to introduce the importance of books, reading, literacy and stories to children from a young age using a fun and positive approach.



This incredible feat could not have been possible without the incredible team of volunteers who showed up early in the morning and spent hours working with the children to get them excited about books and stories.


A huge shout out to: Ella Bwonya, Reema Badiani, Roseland Ambuku, Tanisha Patel, Rhoda Achieng, Bansri Raval, Nandinii Subrahmanyam, Muskan Singh, Hope Lemo, Prachi Patel, Rushita Morjaria, Lucy Nyanza


Nandinii, one of our volunteers, who is extremely passionate about building libraries and sharing books (many of which she has donated to RKF in the past), wrote an incredible blog about her experience: A Treasure Chest of Books.


Link to videos coming soon..

ain in words. Feel free to take a look and follow us on our journey.


For an extensive look at our Gallery and videos, please clicc here..

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