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Mansi is one of the Co-Founders of RKF and oversees the running of the Foundation and planning of projects. She is actively involved in all aspects of the Foundation and is responsible for creating the RKF Website. She firmly believes in looking at the long-term picture for the children and ensures each project is planned keeping those goals in mind. ​She firmly believes that every child should have access to good nutrition at school as that is a corner stone of good health for children. Mansi graduated from the University of Warwick and worked in Investment Banking for a few years before starting up her own venture called PCOS Warrior


Contact details: +254 770 183 259 E-mail:

Mohit is one of the Co-Founders of RKF and is responsible for the management of projects and ensures timely execution and implementation of each individual phase of the respective projects. He is a firm believer that good education is a basic right that every child should easily have access to. Mohit graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) and currently manages his own business.


Contact details: +254 722 331 408 E-mail: ​


Sohil is an RKF Board Member who brings his entrepreneurial experience to the team and is key to looking for economical solutions without compromising quality for every child that is a beneficiary of the Foundation. Sohil successfully runs his own business venture.


Contact details: +254 722 883 558 E-mail:

Sajan is an RKF Board Member who is responsible for most of the photography for the Foundation. He takes an active role in engaging the children and their creative sides. Sajan is a freelance graphic designer who is well known for his artwork and photography skills.


Contact details: +254 737 370 774 E-mail:


Benazir is an RKF Board Member and helps the Foundation on legal matters around implementation of programs. She plays a crucial role in creating awareness about the Foundation. Benazir is currently completing her Law degree at Middlesex University.


Contact details: +254 734 600 292 E-mail:


You can follow her on social media here:

Roma is a member of the RKF Board and plays a crucial role in fundraising. Roma was born in Kisumu where she did her primary schooling before moving to the U.K. Roma graduated as a doctor from the University of Nottingham and is currently a Radiology Registrar at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.


Follow her on social media:


Meeraj is a member of the RKF Board and plays an active part in fundraising and spreading the word about the Foundation. He grew up watching the impact of philanthropy first hand from his family. Meeraj graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Accounting & Finance and did his ACCA in London. He currently works in the family business.



Drasti joined RKF in 2017 after volunteering on one of the workshops. She helps out with administrative duties, research and report writing for the Foundation. She intends to take up a career that will allow her to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Drasti is 18, and has just completed her Higher Secondary Education at Jalaram Academy in Kisumu. She will be attending University in 2018 after having worked with RKF for a few months.




Reeya joined RKF in 2017 after volunteering on a couple of workshops. She helps out with research and report writing for the Foundation. She is an avid believer that actions, no matter how small, will bring about change. Reeya has just completed her A-Levels at Jalaram Academy in Kisumu. She wishes to pursue a degree in Math and Physics and hopes to be a professor one day.



Janvi is the youngest member of the RKF Team and she joined RKF in 2017 after having volunteered at a couple of workshops. She helps out with research and report writing for the Foundation and is extremely active with teaching children on workshops. She is driven by the need to bring change in her local community after having witnessed the hardships of students in the slums and rural areas. Janvi has just completed her IGCSEs at Jalaram Academy in Kisumu. She wishes to continue with her studies as she volunteers for RKF in her spare time.



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