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The RKF Team is made up of the co-founders, dedicated members, Volunteers and all those who believe in our cause. Without a team, it would be impossible to even begin doing the work that is involved in these projects.


We have dedicated members of the Team working on identifying potential projects and implementing both short-term and long-term strategies to achieve the main aims and objectives of the Foundation. Other members plays a crucial role in spreading the word about the Foundation, fundraising and implementing various phases of the projects. Most members of the Team was brought up in Kisumu and has a real sense of the issues at hand. The team is highly self-motivated and has diverse skills bringing together a unique combination of skills to tackle both strategic and day-to-day challenges.


We have a growing team of volunteers that play an important role in helping execute short-term goals and implementing new phases of existing projects.

Should you have any feedback/suggestions or should you be interested in finding out more about one of our projects, or would like to partner/volunteer with us, feel free to contact one of the team members directly. You can find the contact details and the links to their social media pages in each of the team member's short profile.

Team work makes the dream work!

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